Actor Sami Khan believes that Turkish dramas have benefited our industry


The leading Pakistani actor and model who starred in Pakistani films and television dramas has named Turkish dramas the best for the Pakistani showbiz industry.

According to media reports, Sami Khan recently took part in a show on a private television network with his brother Taifoor Khan in which he was asked various questions about Turkish dramas.

During the show, the presenter asked actor Sami Khan, “Are you against broadcasting Turkish dramas in Pakistan?”

When asked by the host, Sami Khan replied: “Yes! If these dramas are not properly imported, I will definitely be against their broadcast.

The actor went on to say, “If we are importing a car from abroad, we must be careful that importing it does not harm local industry, nor should foreign dramas harm our industry.”

“If foreign dramas are standard they have to be broadcast in Pakistan, that will benefit our industry,” said the actor.

Sami Khan also said, “Foreign dramas have always benefited our industry and Turkish dramas have also greatly improved our drama industry, so we should keep broadcasting them.”

He said that “Afaq Turk series based on Islamic conquests are the best drama.”

It should be noted that the well-known Turkish series “Diriliş: Ertuğrul” was broadcast dubbed on state television in the local language and proved to be very popular with Pakistani audiences.

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