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Airtime: Remembering “Cikgu Lee,” a Dark Comedy About M’sian Film Industry


Date and time: July 2-15

Adam Ashburn Showreel is a love/hate letter to Malaysian cinema. This experimental satire effort, directed by Roger Liew, features an ensemble cast of theater actors, namely Aaron Teoh, Arjun Thanaraju, Putrina Rafie, Ali Alasri, Nabil Musawir and Yiky Chew with Wong Chun Yiu, Aryana Sofea and Amir Rahim in the role of Adam Ashburn.

This dark comedy examines the state of Malaysian cinema. The plot centers around first-time actor Adam Abu Bakar, who stumbles upon a movie audition that catapults him to popularity, as he is quickly cast in the lead role of the most ambitious actor reel. from Malaysia.

Adam Ashburn Showreelpaid, can be streamed via CloudTheatre.

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Date and time: Unlimited

The latest solo exhibition of engraver and engraver artist Raduan Man, Post-Contemporary Woodcut: Lines of Workruns July 2-16 at G13 Gallery in Petaling Jaya.

If you can’t see the exhibition on site, you can learn more about the artist in this short video. This exhibition showcases the evolution of Raduan’s artistic processes in woodcut techniques, which he developed over more than two decades. For this new exhibition, Raduan has produced a series of intricate and sophisticated woodcuts depicting domestic interiors inspired by long periods of isolation during the pandemic.

In Conversation with Raduan Man can be streamed via the G13 Gallery YouTube channel.

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Date and time: Unlimited

Some might know him as a devoted teacher and a beloved popular politician. But more than that, Lee Kim Sin, affectionately known as Cikgu Lee, had a great passion for history and heritage.

Popularly known as Cikgu Lee because he was a biology teacher for 20 years in different parts of Malaysia, Lee was also a recognizable figure as he has been active in social work since 1997. He taught at SMJK Yu Hua in Kajang before running for state seat in the 2008 general election. He later left politics to focus on community and heritage work.

Lee died of a heart attack in May last year. He was 66 years old. This short documentary, created by community arts company Village Vision, is a tribute to Cikgu Lee’s work around community engagement and cultural mapping. The social reformer/heritage advocate worked tirelessly to document the history of the Hulu Langat area and its mukims and was also the director of the Kajang Heritage Centre. He was also an avid researcher on Sin Sze Si Ya temples.

In Memory Of Cikgu Lee Kim Sinin Mandarin with Bahasa Malay subtitles, can be streamed via Village Vision’s Youtube channel.

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Date and time: July 7, 5 p.m.

This is the sixth episode of Badan Warisan Malaysiaof the six-part “Spotlight On Sarawak” webinar series.

James Yong, President of the Sarawak Heritage Society, will discuss the current state of heritage management in Sarawak, highlighting current and imminent threats. This webinar will examine some of Sarawak’s tangible, intangible and natural heritage assets. Wong will discuss the values ​​assigned to historical and cultural sites, as well as the natural wonders of Sarawak’s mountains and rivers, and what makes Sarawak unique.

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