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BBC Radio 4 presents new movie show with Mark Kermode

Radio 4 screenshot hosts Mark Kermode and Ellen E Jones. Photo: BBC

Well-respected BBC film critic Marc Kermode will present a new show on BBC Radio 4 as part of increased coverage of the arts, the BBC said. Three new regular sections on the arts, film and music will be launched on Radio 4 with a flagship live arts program First row increased to 45 minutes. The new cinema, Screenshot, will be led by Kermode with the co-host Ellen e jones.

The new Radio 4 movie show is described as offering a “kaleidoscopic” look at the world of the moving image, “from cinema to streaming, across decades and genres,” as Kermode and Jones explore the best of the world. cinema and screen culture wherever they meet. this.

Jones says, “Screens are as everyday as the phone in your pocket, yet screen stories retain this power to transport, transcend and unify. It’s a magical paradox that I love almost as much as I love talking about movies and TV, so this Radio 4 project is a real joy.

With a wide range of guests, the Screenshot animators will share their knowledge and passions, making connections across the ages, reflecting both the changing nature of contemporary viewing habits and the timeless art of on-screen storytelling.

A show to complement Mark Kermode’s popular weekly Radio 5Live film reviews program with Simon Mayo

Mark Kermode and Ellen E Jones pictured for Radio 4's new program, Screenshot.

Radio 4 screenshot hosts Mark Kermode and Ellen E Jones. Photo: BBC

Kermode believes the new radio show will complement his weekly Radio 5Live film review show perfectly. “Rather than examining current versions, Ellen and I will dig into safes for unexpected connections and discoveries in film and television history. In Doc Brown’s immortal words of Back to the future: “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”

Indeed, Jones says she is thrilled to be working with many of her most respected peers, especially Kermode. “It’s like I’m stepping out of a rainy night into a fire-lit pub, where all my most learned friends are gathered in a heated conversation Oh, and one of them just happens to be the legendary film critic, Mark Kermode! “

In an age when people can watch what they want, when they want and how they want, Screenshot will help guide Radio 4 listeners to some of the best movies and shows available, and unearth hidden gems old and new.