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Blackstar Films is not the best brand for our film industry – Londona

Entertainment on Tuesday, December 21, 2021



Londona, media personality

Londona, a well-known media personality in Ghana, shared her thoughts on the name “Blackstar Films” chosen as a brand for Ghana’s film industry by the National Film Authority (NFA).

He thinks that the title of “black stars” has been put on too much in this country and that it even hinders the progress of the country. He cited the Black Stars Football Club as an example, saying they don’t even know what they’re doing and that is the impact their title has on them.

Use of the title, however, was suspended by Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Awal Mohammed as he is currently engaged in conversations with the NFA and other stakeholders who disagreed. with the title.

“I was not thrilled with the name ‘Blackstars Films’ and I think the suspension is a good thing. They have to think about it again and I look forward to a name that represents Ghana more. Black Stars has been overexploited and I think the Black Joint is not even benefiting us, ”he said.

It was during a live in-studio chat with host Doctar Cann on Happy FM’s Saturday morning entertainment talk show Showbiz Xtra.

Popular sound engineer Fredyma, also speaking on the show, added that he also did not support the name “BlackStars Films” and would have preferred the “Gold Coast Pictures” option, suspending so using the name to hold other meetings on it was a good idea, and he hopes they will come out the best.