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Casting couch happens a lot in the southern film industry: Surveen Chawla

Surveen Chawla, who will be seen opposite actor R Madhavan in the “Decoupd” web series, said that during her first cinematic encounter she was judged on her “appearance, weight, height and chest measurement. “. The wrong parameters define a woman, she says

Surveen Chawla, Madhavan’s co-star on the “Decoupled” web series, spoke candidly about the cast and the body shame. Photo: Netflix

Bollywood actress Surveen Chawla, who will play actor Madhavan’s wife in the upcoming Netflix series, Decoupled, once again opened up about dealing with the casting couch and body shame at work.

Two years ago, in an interview with the media, she confessed to having been proposed by a director from South India, who wanted to know “every inch of his body”. Whereas another ‘ridiculously tall’ award-winning national director in the south had also wanted to ‘know her’ only until the film was finished. She had also faced this kind of experience in Bollywood and had to walk out of a filmmaker’s office in disgust. This stuff happens, she told Pinkvilla at the time.

In a recent conversation with RJ Siddharth Kannan, Chawla, who rose to fame after playing the bitter and harsh lady, Jojo Mascarenhas in the web series Sacred games, and currently promoting his web series with R Madhavan, said people in the film industry tend to push you into “this wondering space.”

She recalled that when she was trying to make the transition from TV to cinema, she had this experience at her first cinema reunion in Mumbai, where she was judged on the basis of her “appearance, weight and size, chest measurement “. Chawla pointed out that the wrong parameters should define a woman.


Chawla has revealed that the couch casting has been a frequent occurrence in the South Indian film industry, but the situation has changed in recent years. It was a tough phase before, but things are changing with topics like body shame, mental health and rejection being talked about, she added.

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Chawla made her acting debut with a soap opera Kahin to Hoga in 2003 and made numerous television series like Kasautii Zindagi Kay, Kaajjal and 24. However, she didn’t make it into the movies until 2008, when she landed a role in the movie Kannada. Paramesha Panwala. She later signed up to Hum Tum Shabana, ugly, hate story 2, Dried and short film Chhuri, apart from several Punjabi films.

Madhavan and Surveen Chawla from ‘Decoupled’, which will start airing from December 17

However, her career took off after her appearance in Sacred games (2019) and web show Haq Se. When asked why she kept her marriage a secret for two years and whether being married affects a woman’s chances in the film industry, Chawla replied that the main reason was that her husband was shy. with the media. The decision not to reveal her marital status was made between her and her husband, she said. Moreover, she was married in 2015 and revealed it in 2017.

Surveen added that she had moved on, however, because from that experience something about her had changed and her mental health improved. She said those two years had taught her to “don’t care”.