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‘Last Film Show’, ‘No Land’s Man’ to open IFFSA Toronto


A trio of favorite global festivals — Pan Naline“Last Movie Screening” Mostofa Sarwar Farookiof “No Land’s Man” and Gurvinder Singh“Crescent Night” (“Adh Chanani Raat”) — will open the 11th edition of the BMO South Asia International Film Festival (IFFSA), Toronto (August 11-21). The festival takes place in person at venues across the Greater Toronto Area, featuring 120 features and shorts in 22 languages ​​and some 40 masterclasses, workshops and special events.

Program highlights include “The Orphanage”, “Pedro”, “Once Upon A Time In Calcutta”, “Dug Dug”, “Palyad”, “Shoebox”, “No Ground Beneath the Feet”, “Deep6″, ” Gandhi & Company” and “Invisible Demons” and there are world premieres for “Range Road 290” and “Anatomy of a Warrior”. This year‘s guests of honor are the “Halo” actor Shabana Azmi and eminent screenwriter, poet and lyricist Javed Akhtar (“Silsila”) and well-known South Asian industry figures attending the festival include opening directors Farooki and Singh, filmmakers Anup Singh (“The Song of Scorpions”) who also serves as the festival’s ambassador, and Shahrbanou Sadat (“Wolf and Sheep”) and actors Paoli Dam (“The terrace”), Azmeri Haque Badhon (“Rehana”) and Nusrat Imrose Tisha (“Saturday afternoon”).

Anup Singh said: “We return to the big screen at IFFSA, where the boundless space of the cinema allows us once again to expand our bodies and minds, and we could now, like birds for so long in a cage , spread our idle wings to soar through the enchantments of our land, and celebrate ourselves, our endurance, and all the small gestures of mutual respect and care that have helped us to live as a community even when we couldn’t. not sit next to each other for the past two years of COVID in our lives.


Meanwhile, the world premiere of “We Are Next of Kin” by Hans Christian Schmid (“Home for the Weekend”) will open on the 30 Filmfest Hamburg (29 Sept.-9 Oct.) in the presence of the director, the actors and the technical team. This is the film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Johann Schererwhich describes the kidnapping of his father Jan Philipp Reemtsma from his own point of view at the age of 13.


chinese video streamer iQiyi has entered into a license agreement for the content of Douyin, the Chinese twin of TikTok. Douyin and TikTok are both owned by China Byteance. iQiyi, which previously focused largely on long-form video content, will leverage Douyin’s content to expand its entry into the short-form sector. He says he will edit and distribute the short videos and cooperate in other ways. iQiyi had 101 million subscribers as of March 31, 2022, according to a public record. Douyin is estimated to have over 700 million daily users.


Josie Mason Campbellformer Head of Entertainment and Facts at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, was appointed by australia as the Unscripted Manager (content and development). She was at the ABC between 2017 and 2020, when she left as part of a restructuring. Prior to that, she was head of production and development at Foxtel. Fremantle intends to expand its unscripted and documentary operations. Mason Campbell will be responsible for development, creation, production and broadcaster partnerships.


Beyond rights entered into representation relationships for the first time with four new producer partners for pre-sales. American dress Lou Reda Productions, Beyond Rights has acquired “Eyewitness WWII: Invasion Italy” (2 x 60′), a mini-series created from color archival footage that will highlight the importance that battles in Italy and the Mediterranean have played in the outcome of the war. From Canada Photos of white pinethe Emmy and Sundance award-winning producers of “Shake Hands with the Devil”, Beyond Rights will represent the feature documentary “The Con: Churchill and Roosevelt’s Secret War and the Birth of the Deep State” (1 x 90’/1 x 60′ ), co-produced with Film productions of the Beetz brothers and PMA Productions for ARTE and Canada great chain. It examines the history of the British Security Coordination, which was built to create a network of 1,000 agents to spread fake news and undermine pro-Nazi sympathizers to bring the United States into war to support Britain.

The partnership with Australia Round Media will see Beyond Rights take on the “Aussie Truck Rehab” series (6 x 60′), which follows the trucking legend Jon Kelly and his crew as they buy, bling and then sell vintage road warriors across Australia. Produced in collaboration with hissing wolfit is ordered by Warner Bros. Discovery ANZand will air on Discovery in Australia and New Zealand in 2023. And, from New Zealand Magnetic picturesBeyond Rights has acquired “Wild Heroes” (9 x 30′), a wildlife conservation series for Warner Bros. Discovery ANZ, broadcast on Three and Three Now in 2022, which focuses on significant specialist work undertaken at Auckland Zoo.


Global Film Incubator, Attagirl wrapped up its second year of programming this month, awarding $35,000 in prize money to support women and non-binary filmmakers. Supported by Australia Screenthe British Film Institute and Telefilm Canada, the event saw seven teams participate in two-stage industry-led workshops. Writer-director Laura Bergeron, producers David Baeta and Simon Madore won the $25,000 production prize for Canada with their film “Medium Beluga”. A $5,000 development prize was awarded to British writer Jodie Ashdown, director Amy Coop and producer Daniel Harris for their film “Spring Tide.” And a second development prize of $5,000 went to the Australian team of writer-director Dee Dogan and producer Bethany Bruce for “A Cup of Tea.”


A+E Networks UK ordered Phoenix Television and Animated content group to produce a 2×60′ sky story series presented by Professor Alice Roberts titled ‘Royal Autopsy’, which investigates the cause of death of two of Britain’s most famous monarchs: Queen Elizabeth I and King Charles II. Each investigation follows an autopsy by Home Office pathologist Dr Brett Lockyer, who will use a combination of prosthetic bodies, actors and ethically sourced animal organs to reveal how each of the monarchs perished. . Forensic analysis and toxicology testing are used to determine if there is evidence of foul play in each case. Roberts will then present his findings to the world’s leading forensic experts and constitutional historians to determine how each disease and affliction might have impacted the reign of either monarch in their later years and beyond. approaching their death.

The series is directed by Paul Olding and stars Mark Wingett (“Snow White and the Huntsman”) as Charles II and Linda Marlowe (“Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy”) as Elizabeth I. It is distributed internationally by Abacus Media Rights and will air on Sky History in October.


Hammerlake Studios‘ Planning application to build Ireland’s largest film studio campus has moved forward with confirmation of approval by Westmeath County Council. A final decision on the project will be made by the council in September. The bid is for a film, television and content production campus built on a 25 acre site at Lough Sheever Corporate Park, Mullingar, Co Westmeath, located 55 minutes from Dublin Airport and next to the M4 motorway. The campus aims to attract productions from Hollywood and around the world.

The first phase will begin operations in the first quarter of 2024, generating 350 production jobs and 300 construction jobs and 50 million euros ($51.2 million) per year for the local economy, while the second phase aims to increase job creation to over 1,000 by 2025 with an 11-stage campus. totaling 460,000 square feet. The Hammerlake Studios management team is comprised of film industry experts with experience at Universal Pictures, Disney and Troy Studios and the CEO is Paul Chesney.

Hammerlake Studios