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Meet the Shah Rukh Khan of the Korean film industry

Technology is connecting people across geographic locations like never before. One of the best mediums that has crossed the barriers of place is entertainment in general and music in particular. People from all parts of the world enjoy movies and music regardless of language.

Since the coronavirus lockdown, Korean movies and music have seen a huge increase in consumption. They are the benchmark for entertainment after Hollywood films around the world.
One of the most popular Korean actors is Lee Min Ho. For the uninitiated, this K actor is considered the SRK of the Korean film industry due to his immense popularity, especially among girls. Everyone is going crazy for him.

Who is Lee Min Ho?

Lee Min Ho is a popular South Korean actor. He is also a multi-faceted actor as he is also a singer, model, creative director and businessman. Early in his acting career, he played secondary characters. He first debuted as a lead in Secret Campus and was given the spotlight with the 2008 series Boys Over Flowers.
Apart from that, he has also worked in other shows including Personal Space, City Hunters, Ask The Stars and many more.

As a child, Lee wanted to be a footballer and was also selected for the junior football class of manager and former professional player, Cha Bum-Kun.


Lee had a brief relationship with Park Min-Young in 2011. The two worked together at City Hunter. They broke up soon after due to their busy schedules.

After Park Min Young, Lee was in a relationship with singer and actress Bae Suzy. They have been photographed numerous times during their relationship and appear to be head over heels in love. However, they broke up in 2017 and the reason is still unknown.

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