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Navroz Prasla is ready to bring Houston’s film industry to its peak

Indian-born business titan Navroz Prasla is poised to bring Houston’s film industry to its peak. Prasla is a media mogul who owns NTV America, HeregoTV, A-Star TV based in Houston, Texas.

He is said to have acquired an exquisite property that will be the first building in Houston to launch Houston’s film industry on a larger scale.

Sharing his vision, media giant Mr. Prasla mentioned that he always wanted to make a real contribution to Houston’s film industry. With this milestone, it will be able to provide many opportunities for young filmmakers, cinematographers, technicians, writers and aspiring producers to turn their dreams into reality. He has always been a community man, for his philanthropy he was recently honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the US administration for his contributions to society.

As a producer, he has produced several films and web shows, his Marathi film ‘Kshitij- a horizon’ was nominated at the Cannes Film Festival and won several awards including IFFI 2017. Films and cinema are his driving force and do will never stop making them, his several projects are in preparation and will be released soon.

According to our reports, NTV America will move its headquarters to 7011 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77074. With a sprawling 113,986 square feet, this is a 6-story building that will be the new focal point of the city of Houston.

Navroz Media Network plans to serve the community and add more employment opportunities for Houston and its surrounding communities!

Navroz Prasla is ready to bring Houston's film industry to its peak

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