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Netflix sued by Morgan Creek for footage from ACE VENTURA used in TIGER KING

Netflix sued by Morgan Creek over use of Ace Ventura footage

Morgan Stream Productions said Netflix could be guilty of copyright infringement for the use of old Ace Ventura pictures in tiger King.

When King tiger arrived on Netflix last year, it was automatically caught up in controversy for a variety of reasons. Now, the struggling show (and Netflix) is faced with the fact that Morgan Creek, the company that made Jim Carrey’s blockbuster, Ace Ventura: when nature calls, believes that the show used footage from the aforementioned sequel without their permission. It seems that the two very popular companies were unable to come to an agreement.


Hollywood journalist was the first with this story which stated that two scenes in particular from Jim Carrey’s much-loved sequel had been misused. One sequence is where Ace (Carrey) has a monkey wrapped around him while the other scene shows Ace riding an elephant. Those clips didn’t equal more than several seconds of screen time, but Morgan Creek wants credit where credit is due, which is understandable.

Morgan Creek more or less said that clips from that 1995 box office blockbuster helped make the show, King tiger, more attractive and they added that millions of spectators have seen the program. It doesn’t help that a voiceover during one of the scenes declares the film as a Ace Ventura movie. While the image of Carrey in the photo and the animals in his film were used, the question then arises as to how much the material helped King tiger thrive as a project.

the Ace Ventura the company went on to say that their Jim Carrey movie really treats animals in a more loving way than King tiger who frequently exhibited the abusive treatment of animals and / or firearms. Morgan Creek tried to settle the matter with Netflix and the show’s producers, but the situation escalated, with the production company seeking more than a quarter of a million in damages and more misuse of the images owned by Morgan Creek.

King tiger is a real crime show that had, without a doubt, captured the interest of viewers last year judging by a few interesting opening notes, but it’s left to the interpretation of how well the show performed. from a financial and / or artistic point of view based on the displayed images of Jim Carrey’s highly successful image, yet this is a question that will have to be taken for the “powers that be” to decide. In the meantime, check out season 3 of King tiger on Netflix if you want to see a wild spectacle that doesn’t really have to use the footage of Jim Carrey and his animal friends to be entertaining and interesting.

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