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‘The Last Film Show’ marks the return of the big-screen experience to Tribeca

The world premiere of Pan Nalin’s ‘The Last Film Show’ (Chhello Show), which opens the Spotlight section of the Tribeca Film Festival, promises to be a welcome return to a big screen cinema experience after a year wasted by COVID- 19.

The partly autobiographical drama takes Nalin back to his roots in Saurashtra, Gujarat, western India, where “The Last Film Show” was filmed. The story takes place against the backdrop of Indian cinemas witnessing a massive celluloid-to-digital transition where hundreds of single-screen cinemas are either in ruins or have disappeared altogether.

The film follows Samay, a nine-year-old boy whose life is turned upside down after watching his first movie at the Galaxy Cinema. He falls passionately in love with films against his father’s will. Samay makes a deal with Fazal, the projectionist, that will allow him to watch movies for free in exchange for eating the contents of his lunchbox. Their food-for-movies deal turns into an endearing friendship, but heartbreaking choices lie ahead.

As the first major film festival of 2021 to return in person and the centerpiece of the reopening of the arts in New York City, we couldn’t think of a more perfect film than ‘The Last Film Show’ to set the table. for the Tribeca Festival this year as the kick-off of our Spotlight program, ”said festival director Cara Cusumano. “This transportable film embodies all that we have missed over the past year in its celebration of the magic and community of the big screen cinematic experience.”

“With ‘The Last Film Show‘, director Pan Nalin is a wonderful celebration of our return to screened cinema with this tribute to the masters of cinema”, declared the artistic director of the festival, Frédéric Boyer. “This happy reminder of what we love about movies, through the eyes of a young boy, is pure delight.”

Nalin is known for his eclectic, yet visually striking work including “Samsara”, “Valley of Flowers” and “Angry Indian Goddesss”.

“A few weeks ago, I was delighted to read Robert De Niro’s statement that as New York emerges from the shadows of COVID-19, it seems fair to bring people together again in person for the festival. of Tribeca’s 20th anniversary, ”Nalin said. . “A few days later, I learned that Tribeca is inviting ‘The Last Film Show’ to open its Spotlight, and it will be a live show on the red carpet. This is the best news any filmmaker can receive during such trial periods. Excited to do the first ‘Last Film Show’ show in Tribeca. Because hosting a world first online would have left me heartbroken. I have nothing against festivals going virtual, but when people watch “The Last Film Show” they will know why this film could not have premiered at a virtual festival. I’m a resilient storyteller, and this film is about celebrating cinema. “

The film is produced by Dheer Momaya (Jugaad Motion Picture), Nalin (Monsoon Films) and Marc Duale (Stranger88) in co-production with Virginie Lacombe (Virginie Films) and Eric Dupont (Incognito films).

“After a year of urban isolation and virtual events, we are very excited to premiere a festival in person and bring the film to the public on a giant screen in spectacular outdoor venues in New Town. York, ”Momaya said. “Considering the theme of our film, there couldn’t be a better comeback festival and celebration. ‘The Last Film Show’ is a local story but universal in its emotion and theme, and it is certainly aimed at audiences around the world who crave joy, nature, innocence, freshness and hope.

As previously revealed by Variety Orange Studio manages international sales.

“The entire Orange Studio team is extremely proud to be handling the international sales of ‘The Last Film Show’,” said Daniel Marquet, the company’s international sales manager. “We are delighted to present the film to the North American public and market for its world premiere live at the Tribeca Film Festival. After a year of isolation and managing digital content and relationships, ‘The Last Film Show’ is the perfect human and cinematic experience to celebrate the return of festivals and physical film screenings.

The cast includes Bhavin Rabari, Bhavesh Shrimali, Richa Meena, Dipen Raval, Paresh Mehta.

The Tribeca Film Festival runs from June 9 to 20, 2021.