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How far can a committed actor go to prove his passion for cinema?

“I lost seven kilos for my role in Daalcheeni,” said young Odia actor Partha Sarathi Ray. If that doesn’t impress you much, he adds that he languished in the same pair of shirts and pants and didn’t brush or bathe for five days for his role in the social psychodrama. Boffin.

Ray is on a mission to prove that Odia’s film industry is more than family drama remakes. That the plots and the actors are genuine.

His last Daalcheeni – a travel love story by directors Sisir Sahu and Peenakee Singh – won the award for best feature film in the domestic category at the seventh Shimla International Film Festival in November. He had previously gained weight for two roles in Durgatinashini and webseries Antoine.

“I had also gained weight during the Covid lockdown. The director wanted a lean and mean look. So I had to lose the extra pounds,” says Ray.

Set in picturesque Marine Drive in Puri, the film brings together two people from different worlds – a 30-year-old company who is a virgin and an escort.

“They fall in love after discovering each other’s world during a 48-hour journey they undertake together. It is the story of their forbidden love,” said the television and film actor who is delighted with the appreciation he has received for the film. .

In addition to praise from India Film Director Amrit Pal Singh and award-winning director Pampeli, the Odisha Cine Critics Association congratulated Ray on his work in the film. Daalcheeni recently.

From Hello Arsi in 2019, which won the national and national awards for Daalcheeni now and a diverse lineup of thought-provoking cinema in between, Ray’s filmography has been varied.

Hello Arsi, which was directed by Sambit Mohanty, was also a travel love story but revolved around the concept of human displacement.

“Even with a glorious past, Odia’s films have been for the most part remakes of Bengali, Tamil and Telugu cinema, made on a shoestring budget. But all is not yet lost. We can still get the industry out of it. the debacle with quality cinema. The need is to focus on good stories and realistic cinema that will appeal to the educated masses, ”says the actor who made his Ollywood debut with Nai Separai Kanak Gori in 2013.

His cinema Hello Arsi was a turning point in his career, just like Charitra, a crime thriller released on television this year. Besides mainstream cinema, Ray has also worked in short films including Baji-The Immortal Boat Boy which tells the story of the youngest martyr in Odisha’s freedom struggle.

His socio-psychodrama Boffin was also a topic of discussion in 2021. He tried out the character of a political science student who is a disciple of writers such as Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Franz Kafka and speaks against crony capitalism and destruction in the name of development .

Elaborating on his work, he adds, “I wore the same pair of shirt and pants and went without brushing or bathing for five days because I felt the characters demand that kind of honesty and authenticity.”

Ray says he’s constantly turned down the roles that have cataloged him. “In all of these films that I have made over the past five years, I have encountered a completely different style of storytelling, cinematography and sound design that puts the Odia cinema on a par with films and series. Contemporary Hindi Web, ”explains the actor who is now considered the face of new-age Odia cinema.

Coming soon
Ray is now waiting for the release of Antoine, an upcoming web series. A psychological crime thriller with a hint of the supernatural, this is one of the cheapest web series made in Ollywood to date. In addition, he recently completed Raja Sahiba where he plays the role of a patriarchal and misogynist Muslim youth.