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The Turks know how to create sizzling romance. Zainab (Sevda Erginci), disguised as a gorgeous bride, escapes her wedding to Dundar (Erdem Kaynarca) and calls a taxi to the airport to prevent Alihan (Onur Tuna) from flying to New York. Shot from different angles at a busy airport, the scene in episode # 135 is worth YouTube at least once. After relentless intrigues and Aliya’s wicked antics to keep them apart, Alihan and Zainab have reunited and shocked Aliya, who was already at the return of Kaya Ecinci (Baris Kilic), the new CEO of Argun Holdings with whom Aliya was dating, An affair in the past is disturbed, as is a son Kaya didn’t know about for a long time. But now we have three antagonists, Aliya, Zainab’s father Mustafa (Haktan Pak) and Dundar, who kidnapped Zainab for a forced marriage. Just as Zainab and Alihan believe the worst for them is over, Aliya teams up with Mustafa. Five days a week are not enough for this Turkish pleasure.

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There are flaws and weaknesses in the story, but Zara Noor Abbas does a great job as Zeba, a rape survivor. Commendably, the play focuses on the perpetrator rather than the victim. Finally, after a long wait, with an interesting twist in Samina Ijaz’s crime thriller, the strange Sahil (Shahzad Sheikh) emerges as a rapist behind the facade of an alleged personality disorder and the goofy faces that provide Shahzad Sheikh’s acting skills. It’s not easy to tackle sensitive issues like rape, and Syed Ahmed Kamran’s direction faltered again when Hashim (Zain Afzal) is shown in the rape flashback, standing and panting in the corner of a dirty, desolate dungeon while his cousin and then fiancée Zeba first got into a scuffle with Sahil and is then abducted by him for the purpose of rape. Who would stand frozen watching a rape? Does a person like Hashim even exist? And what kind of precedent does it set?

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Across from the beautiful Minal Khan (Isra), the Danish Taimoor (Shahzaib) plays without a mustache, with long, wavy hair and chest muscles that match Tiger Shroffs. Unfortunately, the role begins with what he just did in Mehrposh, an angry man who can’t marry the woman he loves. Only this time he works out hard at the gym when he’s angry and doesn’t blow around. Isra and Shahzaib are in love, but their families have other plans for them. Without their consent, wedding dates are set that leave them in despair. In IH, director Aabis Raza captures the mood of his latest success Jalan with another thoroughbred role for Minal Khan, appealing images and fresh outdoor scenes. Hoping IH doesn’t follow the existing trend of love stories in our dramas where two people show great chemistry in the first few episodes after which they are torn apart and cry in their own homes for the next 20 episodes, or lies tell in different relationships.

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