To recap: America continues to tumble from bad to worse …


America has become an evil power with no consequences in the face of the ignorance and wrongdoing of those in power.

One would think that the self-serving political “elite” in Washington would at some point get their just dessert for acts that go against rationality, morality and common sense and which now undermine the viability of the US as a respected influence. Many people around the world are simply waiting impatiently for the anticipated aftermath of further US decline, which miraculously has been largely kept in check for decades, especially this century.

Joe Biden has not offered any positive relief so far. Already twice in his short tenure he has unleashed the military in illegal bombing attacks in the Middle East (West Asia) – most recently an attack on the supplies and personnel of Iraqi militias along the Syrian-Iraqi border region, precisely these militias that aim to bring about the resurrection of the Prevent IS in the Arab heartland. These militias that marched in Baghdad this month are said to be proxy for Iran, which they are not, except that Iraq and Iran are largely allies. The US claims it wants to destroy the likelihood of future arbitrary attacks on US personnel in Iraq, but the best way to do this is obviously to simply pull the US military out of the region. This is just one of many steps that don’t make sense. The other biggest offense remains the US attitude towards apartheid Israel.

Netanyahu, who was not popular with former President Obama, is not popular with Biden, who refused to call him for over three months after becoming president last winter. Now there’s Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett, and who knows how long they can survive with such a diverse coalition government? Lapid is trying to improve relations with Biden and the Democrats anyway, many of whom have already begun to question Israeli apartheid and change the narrative about Israel as a kind of enlightened democratic polity in the Middle East (Western Asia). Many liberal American Jews agree with the postponement of the narrative which is superb. Prominent Jewish commentators and writers such as Peter Beinart have openly expressed their hostility to Zionism and apartheid.

Bennett as prime minister may not have done anything particularly dramatic, but he has continued to bomb Gaza (after the 11 day “war” with Hamas) on occasion and does not appear to have done anything to fend off the “settler” dogs that are rising ethnic cleansing in vital Palestinian neighborhoods in East Jerusalem and elsewhere in the West Bank while the IDF protects this rabble from thugs, many of whom happen to be American.

Meanwhile, Nizar Banat, who opposed the Palestinian Authority and Mahmoud Abbas for deep corruption and even complicity with the Zionists, was beaten to death by Fatah thugs, leaving the Palestinians in the West Bank more divided than ever. Abbas achieved nothing for decades, but made himself and his cronies relatively rich. He’s nothing but a quisling. (This author, who lived in the West Bank for several months in 2006, got a good look at the PA “police” who do nothing for the Palestinian cause of liberation from the occupation.)

But the most glaring example of Biden’s backward action is his attack on press freedom in June and access to over 30 news outlets like Iranian Press TV in the Middle East, who happen to be part of the so-called “axis of resistance,” which have long been calling for US imperialism Colonialism, occupations and murder out. The US obviously does not have an honest “free press” in the mainstream media, with a few modest reporting exceptions, and does not want Americans to have access to alternative viewpoints from other media that cannot be completely erased anyway. Biden was also supposed to rid Julian Assange of allegations that were debunked false this month and were, in fact, devalued by at least one prime culprit who changed his story. But Biden apparently has no mind of his own, and his government fears the truth.

It’s also deeply ironic that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, an aggressive longtime Trump supporter who wants to become president, has just announced that Israel is sending a team to Miami to help clear the collapsed Miami apartment building and the Restoration of the About 150 other bodies are rotting somewhere in the rubble. Unreal! The country that once again destroyed houses and large residential buildings in Gaza this spring and continues to threaten to “flatten” Gaza! DeSantis is actually more dangerous than Trump because he may be smarter than Trump, who is quickly fading and likely soon to be charged for various crimes, including the crime of ever becoming “President.”

Meanwhile, Iran is warning that it will not go on negotiating the revival of the JCPOA forever, which makes sense. This revival has stalled for too long, probably because the US wants to further restrict Iran’s ability to defend itself and Iran has rightly refused. It is a miracle that Iran has not already left the JCPOA under elected President Raisi, who is known as a “hardliner”. The US must admit its stupidity. Precisely because of their exit from the agreement in 2018, “reformists” were largely demoted and excluded as candidates for the Iranian presidency. Didn’t the US realize that after Trump prevented US participation in the nuclear deal, Iran would orbit the wagons? How insane is this oversight by Washington? Very. Thoughtful minds are wondering why Iran cannot successfully build its alliances with more than half of the world’s peoples in Asia and cannot literally be bothered by US sanctions.

In summary, it can be said that there is a step backwards from the secured peace in West Asia, even if Iran has turned to neighboring Arab countries for better relations.

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