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TyAnthony Smith is Jasper’s hidden gem

TyAnthony Smith may be the highest rated Southeast Texas rookie you’ve never heard of.

He’s young and raw, but college coaches love the Jasper Bulldogs inside linebacker. As Smith enters her freshman year, nine Division I programs have already offered scholarships, including Texas, Baylor, LSU and Texas Tech.

At 6-foot-1 and 200 pounds, Smith has the strength to play between tackles, but the speed to run with receivers and running backs in pass coverage. Let’s take a look at Smith’s skills in the latest edition of Beaumont Enterprise Film Study.

Game tracking

Smith can be deceptively quick. He never looks like a speed burner on film, but at the end of the play, he was the one who made the tackle as he stalked the ball carrier.

That deceptive speed is on display during this tape from a game last season against Center High School. In the first highlight, a Center receiver appears to sprint down the sideline, but Smith stays in the game and eventually yanks in to end the threat.

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A few tracks later, Smith follows the play in a different way. The center quarterback fakes a transfer and looks to throw down the field, but Smith blasts the play instead.

Smith reads the quarterback’s eyes and flips the pass while barely missing an interception.

Physical, decisive against the race

Playing the inside linebacker position requires a certain type of mentality. You cannot avoid contact and you cannot be slow to react.

Smith fits that mentality perfectly. In this game film from last season against Hardin-Jefferson, Smith shows the ability to plug open holes at the line of scrimmage and attack ball carriers aggressively.

Hardin-Jefferson’s Slot-T offense didn’t intimidate Smith, who makes big plays against the run throughout this highlight strip.

Shed the blocks

As Smith’s recruiting stock continues to rise, so will the attention of opposing blockers. Getting rid of those blocks hasn’t been a problem so far for Smith, who shows his elusiveness during this playoff against West Orange-Stark.

Smith often gets rid of single blockers and double teams don’t always work against him either. Smith’s strength allows him to have an offensive lineman. He then uses his speed to find the receiver or run for the tackle.

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Just entering his junior season, Smith has plenty of time to develop, which is likely why he’s garnered so much recruiting attention. It’s a bit of a secret at the moment, but that will definitely change soon.

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