US Senators and Congressmen respond to Byron Allen’s call for action to revise and update the federal civil rights law


This accompanying legislation would revive Section 1981’s original goal of achieving true economic inclusion for all people in the United States by overturning several U.S. Supreme Court rulings that limit the ability of minorities to demonstrate racial discrimination in treaty decisions. The legislation would allow plaintiffs to prove illegal racial discrimination through actual discriminatory effects rather than the harder-to-prove standard of “discriminatory intent” and demonstrating that race was one of several key factors, not the only factor behind racial minorities deny the possibility of entering into contracts. A broad spectrum of interest groups from science, business and law strongly support the measure.

“I personally campaigned for this legislation and I really appreciate the US Senators” Richard Blumenthal, Cory Booker and Ron Wyden and US representatives Jamie Raskin and Mondaire Jones for supporting my call to action with their sincere commitment and tireless efforts to expand and improve the 1981 section to achieve racial justice and economic inclusion for all Americans, especially African Americans who are the most economically lagging behind ” said Byron Allen, Founder / Chairman / CEO of the Allen Media Group. “I believe that when the Civil Rights Economic Inclusion Act of 2021 comes into effect, it will benefit not just African Americans who have been excluded from our economy, but all Americans who want more prosperity and justice for all.”

“It is very difficult to prove willful discrimination, and unfortunately the United States Supreme Court severely weakened the 1981 section that is essential to eradicating the pervasive racial discrimination and inequalities in the American economy,” said Dean Erwin Chemerinsky of University of California, Berkeley, Law school. “Congress can and must remedy this with the draft law.”

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