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Why Some Anime Fans Think Spirited Away Is The Best Anime Movie Ever

When u/Sumit316 started the thread on Reddit titled, “20 Years of a Hayao Miyazaki Masterpiece: Why ‘Spirited Away’ is the Greatest Anime Movie of All Time”, they didn’t. probably had no idea it would get over 2000 comments. The thread sparked a wave of nostalgia and conversation about Hayao Miyazaki’s films and why – or why not – “Spirited Away” topped the list of best anime films. In a comment that was upvoted over 5,000 times, u/SilentRansom described it as having “such a specific feeling of happy and sad nostalgia. There are other films that touch on it, but are bathed in that feeling. .”

Part of the reason “Spirited Away” is so beloved is because of its theme of an ordinary girl becoming the heroine. Miyazaki came up with the plot idea for “Spirited Away” while visiting some of the 10-year-old girls at his mountain lodge, telling Animage Magazine in a 2001 interview that “…it’s not a story in which the characters grow, but a story in which they tap into something that is already within them, highlighted by the particular circumstances… I wanted to tell such a story in this film. I want my young friends to live like that, and I think they too, have such a wish.”

While Studio Ghibli and Disney began a partnership in 1996, it wasn’t until John Lasseter got involved in the distribution and promotion of “Spirited Away” that the film really caught on. Disney even ran a full-page ad in “Variety,” which certainly helped bring it to the forefront of the Motion Picture Academy and helped it win the Oscar for Best Animated Feature.